Laura Ryolo Farm

Special plants - Mediterranean Plants - Palm specimens - Flowering Trees - Green Work


The Laura Ryolo Farm is located in the province of Messina, between Milazzo and Barcellona, and is easily accessible via the A20 motorway. It covers an area of ​​over one hundred fifty thousand square metres on the Ryolo family estates; once producing citrus fruits and other fruit and vegetables, the typical crops of Piana di Milazzo, today greenhouses and shaded structures accompany the ancient trees, where Kentia palms, Chamadorea, Ficus, and others flourish under their protection.

Out in the fields Cycas, Olives, Palms, Strelitzia, and many other flowering plants alternate in a tangle of colours and scents.


On the edge of the farm a lovingly restored barn has been transformed into a cozy home, with the charm and atmosphere of an old country house.

Olea Europea Bonsai

Ryolo Laura has an active presence not only in the domestic market but also in other European countries such as Denmark, France, Greece, the Netherlands and Spain, and has taken part in the most important national and international exhibitions for the last 30 years.

Over 30 years in business

Flowers and plants


In over thirty years in business Laura Ryolo farm has steadily improved and diversified its production, introducing new products, such as sought after succulents, medicinal plants and various exotic species, and has also expanded its field of work, specialising in parks, gardens and public and private green works.



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