Productive Activity

With its three thousand square metres covered with shaded structures, heated greenhouses for rooting and growth, beds for reproduction and open fields, the Farm is able to carry out all stages of production, such as:

Production of plant specimens

Our thirty years in business and production allows us to have a large stock of plant specimens of Mediterranean maquis, Cycads, palmaceae, as well as large trees. In our nursery, you can admire unique specimens of Carobs, centuries-old Olives, Cycas ramificata, Ficus Magnoloides and others, all in containers and ready to plant.

Wholesale production and for large retailers

Ryolo Laura has an active presence not only in the domestic market but also in other European countries such as Denmark, France, Greece, the Netherlands and Spain, and has taken part in the most important national and international exhibitions for the last 30 years (Padua, Milan, Essen, Valencia...)


We have identified and developed several items for wholesale and large scale distribution, which we produce with high levels of quality and low costs.

Propagation of plants from seed, from cuttings, by grafting

The company has numerous specimen plants grown in the ground and in pots, for the reproduction of various species from cuttings and seeds.


We also have a field of olive trees for the production of the grafts, as a legally accredited producer....... and can therefore provide a varietal certificate with the sale of different cultivars.


  • design and creation of public green spaces
  • design and creation of gardens, villas, parks, hotels, campgrounds....
  • design and construction of hanging gardens
  • design and implementation of irrigation systems
  • public and private green space maintenance
  • pruning services
  • installation and maintenance of lawns and turf in general
  • transplants of plants
  • phytosanitary treatments
  • implementation of afforestation
  • works of environmental engineering
The company is certified iso9001: 2008 for quality, and has is SOA certified under the second category OS24.

Qualified specialists


The specialists and skilled workforce are able to design and create public and private green spaces.

Field of work:

Design and construction of gardens, villas, parks, hotels and campsites;

Phytosanitary treatments for disinfection of plants and campsites;

Prevention and treatment of Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus (red weevil)


Consolidation works on escarpments

Thanks to the specific knowledge of our industry experts, we are particularly involved in the monitoring and defence against Red Palm Weevil attacks, with endotherapy and tree surgery.

The Company is also responsible for the removal and disposal of any irreversibly compromised or dead palms, through suitable methods;

  • Public and private green space maintenance
  • Forestation
  • Environmental engineering works
  • Pruning services
  • Explants and transplants of old and large trees.

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